UFO High Flyers - October 10, 2010 a/k/a FASTWALKERS

21. listopadu 2010 v 20:42 |  UFO fenomén
52 of them, someone counted. Some with non-satellite actions by Oakmont, PA, near Pittsburgh. Also called Unusual Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), I don't see this much high-altitude action over Murrysville (only couple of satellites), and this area I've seen none of the low, hovering morphing orange/amber/yellow fireball types that blink--even though its CLOSER to Pittsburgh International Airport, other airports, hospitals and has thick woods.... Only REAL aircrafts spotted here (which always show on FlightAware) in the past year here --and a few most-likely-are satellites (like ISS) occasionally (steady path, steady speed, no changes in direction).... And yeah, I suppose a few lower ones w/motion seen on 'em might be flying critters normally seen in the sky.

But before dinner on the 9th, when we were all kayaking, in the clear blue sky a WHITE sphere-type UFO crossed overhead, then disappeared after about 30 seconds.... So I thought I'd better take a look later with my Generation 3A nightvision scope (ATN NVM14-3A w/5X magnification lens on Sony HD cam).
You will notice some of the objects in this video will suddenly appear from nowhere--the reverse of what we saw in daytime.

This is only 15 minutes of CONTINUOUS filming to show how active the sky was--more were seen before I attached the cam--MANY more. And Yeah, a few of them might be bats (too late for birds), the higher ones and ROUND ones are not.... Or I'd have LOADS of videos like this as I've been looking EVERY clearer night all summer and SINCE THIS NIGHT with not much shown flying around.

All of us regular skywatchers already watching the skies KNOW they are ALREADY HERE (whoever they are). What IS important is for people to go outside and LOOK for themselves. After all, seeing IS believing. I was formerly a "I gotta see it to believe it" boat myself, so I can fully understand skeptics doubting this...

CLICK HERE FOR ANOTHER GUY'S VIDEO OF PULSING ONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_cZpf...

***SOME of these MIGHT be explainable (and bats look different in NV if ground lights reflect of them)...But the consistent HIGH speed of several and the fact that we've seen the bubble-like ones close up IN PERSON (like ECETI ranch video), leads to me to believe that a large portion of them are not.

To those who can't handle the truth of what's happening: Feel free to rationalize ALL these objects shown as natural or man-made objects....

COMPARE TO THIS REPORT on MUFON in Florida on Oct. 9th of "Circular Object Moving in Circular Motion...."

NASA's now-famous 1996 STS-75 TETHER INCIDENT with SWARMS of UFOs:
--------see it and compare.
And YES, UFOs DO blink, by the way.
And YES, they DO come down into Earth's atmosphere.
Because they can.

(copyright 2010 - Alison Kruse -- so others can't make $ off my stuff without asking first or claim it as theirs)


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